Company Profile

ME Tech Engineering Pte Ltd, a specialist turn-key contractor, was incorporated in 1984 and has been active in the water treatment, waste water treatment, odour control and air pollution control systems engineering for over three decades.


The ME in ME Tech stands for Mechanical and Electrical technology. We design, build, install and commission water treatment, wastewater treatment, odour control and air pollution control systems using the most cost-effective equipment with automatic controls, minimising the need for manpower and frequent maintenance, to achieve maximum efficiency in reducing pollution.


All equipment and systems offered to our clients are custom designed and engineered for each particular problem and application.

With enormous experience in the field, Me Tech is set to work together with our clients to achieve a Total Solution with interest in:

  • initial economy
  • operational economy
  • compactness
  • reliability
  • low maintenance costs

Occupational Safety

ME Tech Engineering Pte. Ltd. Is a BizSafe Level 3 accredited company. We recognise the importance of providing all our employees, sub-contractors, and visitors with a safe and healthy work environment. Our goal is to prevent all occupational injuries and illness.

ME Tech Engineering Bizsafe 3 Certified

Purpose and Goal

We exist to provide safe, clean and green environmental solutions in and around industrial workplaces by employing our commitment, talent, and technology.

Our goal is to be a leading engineering company in Singapore, Asia and the world, providing all industries with complete environmental solutions, specialising in:

  • Water management and treatment
  • Waste water management and treatment
  • Odour management and control
  • Air pollution management and control