Our Services

With many years of expertise in the waste water and air pollution treatment industry, ME Tech Engineering offers the following services:

Treatability studies

Treatability studies include laboratory analysis of the waste water and the most efficient methods to treat it before releasing it into the public sewer system or the environment. This can minimise the amount of chemicals you use to treat your waste water, leading to cost savings and maximising the efficiency of your waste water treatment system.

Initial design

As a consultant on waste water and air pollution treatment projects, ME Tech Engineering will propose an initial process flow design and calculate the space and energy required for water, waste water and air pollution treatment projects.

ME Tech Process Flow Design Piping Instrumentation Diagram

Last Inspection Chamber (Last IC) and treated waste water monitoring system

To ensure that the waste water treatment plant is running efficiently, a treated waste water monitoring system is usually integrated into the design of the plant. In Singapore, factories with a trade effluent treatment plant also need to provide a pH monitoring and effluent discharge control system in last inspection chamber (last IC) of the factory premises.


ME Tech Engineering has experience in this and can provide the design, monitoring equipment, monitoring panel and commissioning of these systems.  We also provide maintenance, cleaning and calibration services for the last IC and treated waste water monitoring systems.

Obtaining approval from relevant authorities

The approval of local environmental agencies and authorities is necessary before the construction and occupation of industrial premises can proceed. In Singapore, prior approval is required from the National Environment Agency (NEA) and Public Utilities Board (PUB) before an industrial space can be granted a Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP).


ME Tech Engineering undertakes the responsibility to prepare and submit the correct documents to the relevant local authorities on behalf of her clients.

Design, fabrication, installation, and commissioning

ME Tech Engineering has many years of experience in providing complete environmental solutions to clients. As a turn-key specialist, we provide design, fabrication, installation and commissioning services of efficient and cost-saving water, waste water, odour control and air pollution control systems.


Need CAD drafting services? Allow us to support you by drafting tanks, piping, pumps and steel structures in 2D and 3D AutoCAD compatible .dwg files!


ME Tech gas scrubber 3D CAD design

Operator training and maintenance services

We provide in-house training for the operators of water, waste water, odour control and air pollution control systems. Should our clients require us to oversee the maintenance and servicing of such systems, we provide trained and experienced personnel to do so.

Sales of Variable Area Flowmeters and Conductivity Meters

We sell the following products:


Blue-White Variable Area Flowmeters provide an accurate flow reading without needing electrical power and can be used almost anywhere. They are made of chemical-resistant acrylics, come in a number of sizes and attachment methods and are widely used in water treatment systems and water filtration systems.


Myron L conductivity meters (Ultrameter II) are highly reliable handheld portable conductivity meters that can provide information regarding conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, free chlorine (FCE) and temperature for water and waste water.