Water management in Singapore gains international recognition

Water management in Singapore gains international recognition

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Early in the year, the Christian Science Monitor featured Singapore’s water management in an article focusing on the need for water independence and sustainability.

Singapore lacks its own natural water resources. In the past, Singaporeans did not have reliable supply of clean water and during months of drought had to practice water rationing.

The Singapore government started water supply planning after independence and set up a water agency, the Public Utilities Board (PUB), to manage all aspects of water resources in an integrated way. The PUB ensured a sustainable water supply by establishing the infrastructure and maximising the efficiency of four water sources — water from local catchment, imported water, reclaimed water and desalinated water. The clean water produced supports the growth in population and in various industries.

The PUB currently runs the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters Programme, an initiative to integrate drains, canals and reservoirs with the surrounding environment and improve the quality of water and life.

ME Tech is a Singapore-registered environmental engineering company that specialises in water treatment, waste-water treatment and air pollution and odour control. We are proud to live in a clean and beautiful country that values and promotes sustainable supplies of clean water for its people and its industries.